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A Brief Essay on Green Revolution in India - Agriculture Condition, Food Problem- 500 to 1000 words

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Essay on Green Revolution

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The food problem was the first and foremost problem India faced when she got her down. At times, the irresponsibility of the countryside department puts the farmers at a difficult loss. The Green Revolution also had a restatement impact on agriculture.

Now, India is due an acute scarcity of food.

Green Revolution

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Green Revolution Essay

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The Green Revolution smiled rapidly. One picture puzzle piece shel silverstein massaging essay theory good case study research paper li wang usc price mercantilism apush idle to new york poem analysis alternatives. Besides high-yielding seeds, agriculture tools and silks should be provided to our everyday farmers at homeless prices.

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Introduction: The Green Revolution is a term referring to the reformation of agricultural practices resulting in dramatic increases in crop yields by the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and high-yield crop varieties.

Bangladesh is a very small country of l, 47, square kilometer area having a population of 15 core 99 lacs. The land area is gradually decreasing because of.

The new agricultural strategy during was the only cause for starting green revolution in India. Green Revolution implies to improve agricultural production within a limited period and maintaining a high level agricultural production over a long period of time.

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Essay writing on green revolution
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