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The Causes And Effects Of The Credit Crunch Finance Essay

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The Causes And Effects Of The Credit Crunch Finance Essay

Credit Crunch What is Credit Crunch? Credit crunch refers to a sudden shortage of funds for lending, leading to a resulting decline in loans available[3].

Credit crunch generally. Bernanke and Lown () define a credit crunch as a decline in the supply of credit that is abnormally large for a given stage of the business cycle. Credit normally contracts during a recession, but an unusually large contraction could be seen as a credit crunch.

Credit Crunch An economic condition in which investment capital is difficult to obtain. Banks and investors become wary of lending funds to corporations, which drives up the price of debt products for borrowers. Credit crunch is a normal phenomenon. Every economy faces it. It is a situation where “there is reduction is the availability of loans in the market in spite of the increase in interest rates”.

(Turner, ) This results in a mismatch. It is a situation where “the interest rates don’t match. Credit crunch. Home / Free Essays / The global financial system is experiencing banking and financial turmoil commonly referred to as the credit crunch that is said to be due to the pricking of a massive debt bubble, (Peston, ).

There is no standard definition of the credit crunch; however, a credit crunch is generally described as an. The credit crunch which is also known as a credit crisis, finance crunch or credit squeeze is best described as a condition that makes investment capital hard or difficult to obtain.

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It is the sudden reduction in the availability of credit and loans or the abrupt tightening of loan borrowing conditions by financial institutions.

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