How to write a photography biography

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How to Write a Short Biography for a Photographer

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10 Tips to Write a Killer Photographer “About Me” Page

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Needs are reading it and expanding to get a sense of what extent with you is going to be other. When I originally sat down to write my “about me” page with the all-important “photographer bio”, I kind of assumed the “me” in “about me” was a bit of a clue. Can you blame me? It’s right there in black and white (or whatever font color you want to imagine): “About Me”.

Me. The complete guide to building your amazing photography “About” page. by Alex Vita. best-of, guides, inspiration, web-design. Leave a comment. 9 min read.

Share Tweet Pin Share Share Pocket Send to a friend Subscribe RSS ☕ Buy me a coffee. Writing a Photographer Bio (PetaPixel). Understand the best-practices of writing a clear & concise photography "about" text, and get inspired from effective photo Bio page examples.

Simple at first sight, a lot of details go into writing the perfect photographer bio, so the process can become quite challenging unless you have some guidelines in. How to write a good photographers biography page for your website, whether you're an photographer, writer, artist or any other creative person or business.

People photographer Alessio Pizzicannella takes a bio approach, also in third person. Interesting use of typography sets philosophy apart from bio. Once upon a time You have many format options to write your bio. However, the most recommended, based on today’s Internet standards, is the story told in the “I” form.

How to write a photography biography
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How to write your photographers biography page