Write a program to reverse the order of words in a sentence

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Practice Python

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Reversing order of words in a sentence. at this moment strings contains the words in reverse order. share | improve this answer. edited Jun 11 '13 at answered Jun 10 '13 at Enigma.

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Jul 08,  · Write a C program to reverse the words in a sentence in place. That is, given a sentence like this function to breakup the string into multiple words and rearrange them in the reverse order later.

Method3 Create a linked list like | I loss weight program. April 15, at AM Anonymous said. program to reverse the lines of a file and also to reverse the order of the words in each line of the file.

Use an ArrayList for the lines of the file and for the words of each line. Print out the lines to demonstrate that the lines and each word of each line have been reversed.

Question: Write a C program to reverse the words in a sentence in place! To reverse the words in sentence in place, lets we understand the pseudo-code of program with example of sentence like “This is hopebayboatdays.com”, So our output would be “hopebayboatdays.com is This”.

Write a java program to reverse the words in a sentence in place?

C program to reverse order of words in a string

This is actually an interesting request. A "sentence" in Java would normally be stored in a String object.

Write a program to reverse the order of words in a sentence
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C Program to reverse words in a line