Write a sentence with the word combine

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Sentence Combining: Teaching Rules of Sentence Structure by Doing

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Two or more complaints can be combined with a conjunction e. Union Using a Conjunction:. We can combine them together and form a complex sentence. Maria is a brilliant 12 year old girl who lives with her grandmother.

How to write complex sentences

Although we had three simple sentences, the complex sentence has only two clauses – one main clause and one subordinate clause – because we reduced one of the clauses into an adjective.

Sep 21,  · Combined Sentences When two sentences with a similar subject or predicate are joined, it is called a combined sentence. the combined sentence. ¦ Write the following predicate twice on the board or on chart paper: played at the park.

Ask volunteers to write a subject to create. The result of combining the three clauses and the conjunction is a compound-complex sentence.

5. How to Write a Sentence. Aside from having the parts listed earlier, two things are very important for writing sentences: word order and punctuation. a. Word order. Word order is important: it’s what makes your sentences make sense.

Sentence Combining

How to use combine in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word combine? Here are some examples.

Combine Sentence Examples

Sentence Examples. The method allows engineers to combine nanowires of precise length with other silicon structures such as integrated circuits, he said. COMBINED means added together.

Example We combined my skills in math and his skills in science to complete the project. Example: He combined vinegar and salt to make hydrochloric acid. Aug 31,  · use word to combine separated words and lines into a sentence I downloaded a webpage of "Pontifical Justice & Peace" into a PDF file and then exported that into a 'text file'.

Using Wordthe exported file opens with each word on a separate line.

Write a sentence with the word combine
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